Jordi Cardoner, a la PB d'Alcorisa. /FOTO: TOMÁS MONTERO

The Penya Barcelonista Alcorisa (Terol) hosted the III Regional Meeting of Aragón Supporters Clubs to coincide with its 20th anniversary. The event was also attended by the social vice-president, Jordi Cardoner.

Jordi Cardoner was welcomed to Alcorisa toen hall by the local mayoress, Julia Vicente, and fellow council members. FC Barcelona was represented by former players ‘Lobo’ Carrasco and Andoni Goikoetxea, the presidents of different regional federations, such as Daniel Peinado (Castilla-la Mancha), Pere Mentruit (Ponent North), Jordi González (Barcelonès East) and Ramon Burniol (Bages, Berguedà & Cerdanya), and the Barça Grandfather Joan Casals. There were a number of speeches and the FCB vice-president signed the Alcorisa town hall’s book of honour.

They then went to the PB Alcorisa clubhouse, where Cardoner and the other authorities unveiled a plaque to commemorate the III Regional Meeting of Aragón Supporters Clubs.

The day continued with a wonderful talk on ‘Young footballers, their training and their social outlook’ moderated by local reporter Diana García. The speakers were Jordi Cardoner, vice-president of FC Barcelona; Julia Vicente, the mayoress; Miguel Iranzo, president of the PB Alcorisa; former players ‘Lobo’ Carrasco and Andoni Goikoetxea; reporter Francesc Perearnau, and Sister Lucía Caram. Cardoner described the FC Barcelona youth system.

Before the III Regional Meeting of Aragón Supporters Clubs and PB d’Alcorisa 20th anniversary supper, the attendees were able to enjoy a local delicacy, apple buns, and watched traditional ‘jota’ dances.

The day ended with a meal attended by 130 guests from around twenty supporters clubs.

Statement by Social Area vice-president, Jordi Cardoner:

“This has been a very special occasion in a fantastic auditorium for 400 people including ‘Lobo’ Carrasco, Goiko, Sister Lucía... And lots of Barça fans but also something unusual. The Real Madrid and Zaragoza supporters clubs were also here. This is a town where everyone has their team but they all get on well with each other. There is respect and they are friends at the ground, and that is also nice to see”.

“The fact that they are so far away, physically but not emotionally, means they live the game with a different passion. Whatever Barça means to them is much stronger than it is for those who are lucky enough to live near to the stadium, in the city of Barcelona, who are able to get to our seats in the ground … We may not notice it, but this holds value, and we can come to places like this and meet people who have just as much passion for Barça as the people in Catalonia do”.

Jordi Cardoner, a la III Trobada regional de... per fcbarcelona
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