Jordi Alba ha fet entrega d’una samarreta signada a la PB Jordi Alba Zona Franca / FOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

The Penya Barcelonista Jordi Alba Zona Franca was officially presented on Wednesday at an event attended by the player himself along with the vice-president of the Social Department, Jordi Cardoner, and the new director in chief of supporters clubs, Josep Maria Barnils. The new supporters club was declared official last July 2 and this event was organised to celebrate the occasion.

The club’s first president is Soraya Camarillas and it already has some 130 members, all fervent admirers of Jordi Alba, who was there to give his support to the new organisation. The president welcomed the guests by describing how this inauguration is “a dream come true … We chose Jordi Alba because of his humility, his closeness to the people and because he is from l’Hospitalet”.

The player himself said it was an honour for a club to bear his name and thanked vice-president Cardoner and everyone else for coming along. He added that “we hope to bring you plenty of joy in this new season. We are fully focused on ensuring that this is a great season”.

Jordi Cardoner congratulated everyone involved in what he called “a wonderful initiative. This is a story that’s beginning with all of you as the participants … This is a different club, one that is located very close to the Camp Nou and that was born in the same place as Jordi Alba”. He also spoke of how committed the players are to the supporters clubs, and especially those situated so close to their homes. “Jordi, it is a responsibility to have all these people behind you” he told the player. “They will be there in the good times but also in the bad times.”


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