2014 Supporters Clubs World Congress

The Board approved eleven new Supporters Clubs on Monday. They have been added to the more than 1,300 official FC Barcelona Supporters Clubs.

Once again, a majority of the Supporters Clubs approved are international. Two Supporters Clubs from Morocco, and one each from Colombia, Hong Kong, and Cuba help reinforce the international presence of blaugrana embassies around the world.

In addition, the Board also approved a Supporters Club from Esplugues de Llobregat, and one each from the Alicante region, Granada, Murcia, Cuenca and Zaragoza. This is the complete list of newly approved Supporters Clubs:

  • Peña Barcelonista Azulgraná Venim del Sud (Granada)
  • Penya Barcelonista Joventud d'Esplugues
  • Penya Blaugrana de Fez (Morocco)
  • Associació del Nord Blaugrana de Chaouen (Morocco)
  • Peña Barcelonista Món Jove – Guaviare (Colombia)
  • Peña Barcelonista Carles Puyol de Torre Pacheco (Murcia)
  • Penya Barcelonista D'Orba (Alicante)
  • Peña Blaugrana Meseña (Cuenca)
  • Peña Barcelonista Alfamen (Zaragoza)
  • Barça Hong Kong Fan Club
  • Penya Vueltas Blaugrana (Cuba)
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