Plenary Meeting of the Supporters Clubs Council at the FC Barcelona Espai Social

Last October 18 was a historic day for the supporters clubs movement. The presidents of the federations, all FCB members and led by their president, Antoni Guil, were able to attend the Delegate Assembly for the first time. Almost all of them fulfilled the requirement of having been members for at least five years, so there was excellent representation of the movement at the event, all thanks to the changes made to the Statutes last season.

Plenary in Social Space

The day before, October 17, the first plenary session after the Congress was held in the Social Space. The Director of the Social Department with responsibilities for the Supporters Clubs, Pau Vilanova, came to welcome each of the regional presidents, joined by the director in chief of the Supporters Clubs Commission, Josep M. Barnils.

The session started with a brief summary of the Assembly’s agenda, and the main changes being introduced by the statutory reforms. A number of projects being planned for the season ahead were then presented, as well as the organisation and methodology to be used for the same.

Organisation and methodology

The Supporters Clubs Council will continue to work in the form of four differentiated commissions (Regulations; Camp Nou, Tickets and Away Games; Communication and Marketing; Events and Activities) to ensure thorough setup and monitoring of the different social project that the movement is involved in. In this regard, a link has been created with the projects being run by the Social and Supporters Clubs Commission in order to improve coordination and monitoring.

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