Josep M. Bartomeu, Jordi Cardoner i Pau Vilanova, amb els representats de les 30 federacions territorials / VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

The World FC Barcelona Supporters Club Confederation is a reality. It was officially constituted on Saturday at a ceremony in the Auditori 1899 attended by FCB president Josep Maria Bartomeu, second vice-president and Social Area chief Jordi Cardoner, and director Pau Vilanova, who is in charge of the Supporters Clubs, and several members of the Social and Supporters Clubs Commission, including the leader of the supporters movement, Josep Maria Barnils.

The result of a long period of work that began five years ago in the form of the ‘Penyes Segle XXI’ project, the World FC Barcelona Supporters Club Confederation brings together the 30 federations into which the movement has been divided since 2013. The Confederation is the culmination of this new design to group the 1,267 official supporters clubs around the world.

During the presentation, Bartomeu received the Confederation’s statutes and foundational deeds from Antoni Guil, the president of the Supporter Clubs Council. Its members are also delegates to FC Barcelona congresses in accordance with the reformed club statutes. The representatives of the 30 territorial federations were then able to witness the constitution of the World Supporters Club Confederation in the form of the symbolic signing of a large banner. The event concluded with Bartomeu, Cardoner and Vilanova leaving their signatures too.

The Confederation thus becomes the basic body overseeing the relationship between the movement and the club. Together with the club, the next objective is to sign a collaboration agreement to further strengthen the ties between the two bodies.


Statement by Josep M. Bartomeu, president of FC Barcelona

“FC Barcelona is a leader with regard to supporters clubs and has set an example for others to follow. This hasn’t happened in one day but is the result of many years of work by many people. There are now new challenges because things don’t stop here. The supporters club are closer to the members, but we also want the members to be closer to the supporters clubs”.

Statement by Jordi Cardoner, vice-president of FC Barcelona

“This is a historic event, but people might not realise how important it really is until a few years have passed. None of this would have been possible without the effort and the desire of presidents Rosell and Bartomeu, who helped me all they could along this road”.

Statement by Pau Vilanova, director at FC Barcelona

“I want to thank you for making me feel like one more member of this great family that is the supporters movement. It would not have been possible without your collaboration. This is not the end of the road but the start of a new era for supporters clubs, now in the 21st century, and that is up to the standards required of such a great club”.

Statement by Antoni Guil, president of the Supporters Clubs Council

“Supporters clubs are a basic tool for spreading the Barça name around the territory. We have also been able to read into our history in order to reinvent ourselves, and we’re in the midst of that process now. We have gained quality, modernity, organisation, representation and self-management. We are being recognised formally and personally”.


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