Marketing and Communication Committee Meeting

On Saturday 18 April, the Marketing and Communications Committee as well as the Regulations Committee began a new series of meetings. The Events and Activities Committee, as well as the Camp Nou, Tickets, and Travel Committee met the weekend after.

Building agreements

With the Supporters Clubs World Confederation having been approved on 7 March, the movement reached a historic high point. Nevertheless, it was just the beginning of a new era of FC Barcelona supporters clubs. According to the Framework which was adopted at the 2014 Supporters Clubs World Congress, now is the time to draft an agreement that will establish the relationship between movement and FC Barcelona.

The objective of these meetings is to establish parameters for drafting this document, which shall define a framework for the relationship between FC Barcelona and the Supporters Clubs World Confederation. Thus, for each area affecting the movement, the Confederation shall present this document to the club in the coming weeks. Then, approval and signature will be pending.

Formalising relations

The agreement marks the formalisation of relations between FC Barcelona and the Supporters Clubs World Confederation and details a series of rights and obligations for both parties, which wil guide the future of the movement.

This deal, which is unique in the world of sport, is a decisive step in ensuring the “Projecte Penyes Segle XXI” is built on solid foundations and that the Club’s penyes can push on into the second phase of the project.

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