Meeting of the Regulations Commission

November 21st marked the beginning of this year’s final commission meetings of the Supporters’ Club Council, attended by Council president Antoni Guil. The Regulations Commission, along with those from Marketing and Communications established the items to be up for approval in the coming plenary session on 7 December, coinciding with the derby.

Federations and Confederation

The Regulations Commission focused on the state of the territorial federations, as well as the legal state of the Confederation of FC Barcelona Supporters’ Clubs.

Regarding territorial federations, the following of clubs in each of the zones was monitored. In order to be officially recognised by FC Barcelona, the clubs must adhere to their federation. That is why the Council shall define the deadlines for finalising this process. In addition, the International Federation of Supporters’ Clubs will finalise their statutes to adapt them to the clubs in their area.

Also covered were the draft statutes of the World Confederation of FC Barcelona Supporters’ Clubs. This will bring all the federations together in order to carry out projects that affect the movement as a whole, being the final step in the territorial reorganisation proposed by the 21st Century Supporters’ Clubs project.

Supporters’ Club ID renewal and content

The Marketing and Communication Commission focused on the Supporters’ Club ID card. This is the first renewal of the card that directly links supporters with the Club. In addition, they talked about the benefits and advantages that the Confederation, as soon as it is legally set up, and the federations can offer local supporters.

From here a sponsorship plan can be discussed so that any organisation can collaborate with the Confederation at varying levels, an initiative that will benefit the Confederations’ supporters, by way of the federations and supporters’ clubs.

Further meetings

On Saturday, December 6th the Events and Activities Commission, as well as the Camp Nou, Tickets and Travel Commission, will meet. All proposals will be presented on the 7th at the last plenary session of the Supporters’ Club Council.

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