Signing of the agreement with the World Barça Supporters Clubs Confederation

FC Barcelona and the World Supporters Club Confederation signed a historic agreement on Saturday, May 23rd to cement the relationship between the two and open a new era in the penya movement.

The agreement reflects the long standing relationship between the Club and the movement and is the culmination of a series of democratically taken decisions at Congresses. The Club reiterated its support for the World Supporters Clubs Confederation at its founding meeting and is committed to supporting it as the culmination of the reorganisation process of the Penya movement.

The Confederation also reaffirmed its commitment to the more than 1,300 Barça Penyes which are ambassadors for the Club and open their doors to Barça members to encourage support for the various teams.

In the presence of the majority of the delegates to the Consell de Penyes, Club President Josep M. Bartomeu, vicepresident Jordi Cardoner i Casaus and Director Pau Vilanova signed the new agreement together with all the penya federation presidents and representatives, led by the Confederation president Antoni Guil.

The agreement marks the start of a new era in the relationship between the Club and its penyes and re-affirms the Club’s commitment to the Penyes Segle XXI project which reflects the global reality of a movement which builds from the individual penyes up to a formally constituted body which will ensure the whole movement moves together in the same direction.

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