2015 Penyista Card

The 2015 Penyista Card is being posted since February 9, and hence supporters clubs will be receiving them shortly thereafter.

Shipment with credentials

Together with the Supporters Club Member ID Card, every Supporters Club will receive, in addition to this season’s credentials, brochures outlining all the advantages that come with having the new card. Thus, Supporters Clubs receive everything they need to enjoy all the benefits of being official FC Barcelona Supporters Clubs, as well as those of their members.

Valid from March

Starting in March, this new identification card will become active, and will be required in order to pick up tickets or perform any other action with the Club.

New added benefits

This year’s new Supporters Club Member ID Card has more advantages than last year’s card, thanks to the Supporters Club Council’s Marketing and Communications Commission, which continues to work every day so that every supporter can get the most out of this card. In addition to enjoying exclusive benefits, the Supporters Club Member ID Card is an official Club document, ensuring that all Supports Club Members are part of the Barça family.

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