El vicepresident Jordi Cardoner

This Sunday, the 40th anniversary of the Montcada and Reixac Barcelona Supporters Club, and the XXV gathering of supporters clubs from Valles, were celebrated. The day began with a parade through the streets of the town. The celebration included the participation of the human towers, the “Capgrossos” from Montcada and Reixac, and the “Gypsy Towers” from Ripollet. The parade ended in the square in front of the church, where a Barça Space was opened, and fans had the opportunity to be photographed with the trophies.

Following that, the official ceremony began, with the entrance of the supporters clubs into the square and the presentation of commemorative plaques. At the lunch were present Vice President of the Social Area, Jordi Cardoner, representing the Club, and the former basketball player José Luis Galilea.

Following the paella, Catalan sausage, and dessert, Cardoner spoke, and said that he was delighted with the work the supporters clubs are carrying out: "This year has been a culmination of all the work that is being doing within the Club’s Social Area. We must continue this movement because each year it becomes greater”. The Barça Vice President finished his speech with a tribute to former Barça coach Tito Vilanova. To end the ceremony, awards were handed to the honorary members of the Montcada and Reixac Supporters Club.

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