lot of penyista cards in a box

the penyista card being distributed

Since November 2012, work has been going ahead on some major changes to the supporters clubs movement. The supporters clubs census was the start of a process that is looking to put the movement in order, including accurate photographs of every club member.

The major objective is to be able to issue a card identifying the status of every member of an official FC Barcelona supporters club. That objective is now a palpable reality. This month the first cards have been dispatched. Eventually, every club will receive a set of cards for distribution among its members.

Complete package

Over the next few weeks, clubs will be receiving a package containing a number of items. Apart from the supporters clubs membership cards, they will also be receiving their new credentials, which will be the only valid document from February 2014.

FC Barcelona is currently sending the bulk of the cards to those supporters clubs that returned the census correctly and on time, as well as satisfying a series of conditions established by the Regulations Commission.

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