Manchester City - FC Barcelona Tie

Barça kick off the decisive stage of the Champions League on February 18. It certainly won’t be an easy game either, as Barça travel to Manchester to face Pellegrini’s City side. A good result at the Etihad would certainly set things up nicely for the return game at the Camp Nou.

Tickets available from January 27

Penyes have from Monday January 27th at 10.00 until Wednesday 29th at 19.00 to apply for tickets for the game via the form to be found on the website. There are 468 tickets available for penyes, priced at e74 each.

Penyes should indicate their credentials, the key, contact information and also details of a credit card

The Club will inform the penyes who have applied for tickets concerning the distribution of tickets and how to collect them via email from January 22nd.

Once the process is over, the Club will be in contact via email with information about the final distribution of tickets


The distribution of tickets each zone will be assigned a number of tickets will be based on the criteria and coefficients established by the permanent commission on tickets and the approved criteria, so that each zone will be assigned a certain number of tickets. The Presidents of each zone will then make a proposal for the distribution of tickets in their own zone.

Return game at the Camp Nou

For the return game at the Camp Nou in March, penyes may make their applications for tickets from February 17th, via an email to reserva.penyes@fcbarcelona.cat, indicating the name and number of the penya and contact telephone number and name. The Club will be in contact with the penyes to detail the final distribution of these tickets.

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