Jordi Cardoner Recibe el Reconocimiento de la Federación de Peñas de Barcelonès Este

Jordi Cardoner presidio la noche de peñas del FBE / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

The VI Nit de les Penyes organized by the Federació de Penyes Barcelonistes de Barcelonès Est was presided by the vice president of the FC Barcelona Social Area, Jordi Cardoner. The venue was Restaurant Can Cortada in Barcelona, and was also attended by the patron of the Foundation, Josep Maldonado, and the vice president of the Barça Players Group (ABJ), Josep Moratalla.

The evening began with a debate and a supper, which was followed by the awards for some of the outstanding players of 12/13, namely Andrés Iniesta, Víctor Sada, Daniel Saric, Paco Sedano and Marc Torra, and ended with some closing speeches and an auction of objects signed by FCB players.

The vice president of the FC Barcelona Social Area, Jordi Cardoner, said that “I love coming to events like these in representation of the club, but this is an especially nice occasion because it’s in my city”.

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