Cardoner, signant en el llibre de la PB Plana de Vic. FOTO: VÍCTOR SALGADO-FCB.

La Penya Barcelonista Plana de Vic celebrated its 40th anniversary this Sunday with a Gala Dinner attended by Club Vice-President Jordi Cardoner. Sr Cardoner’s grandfather - Nicolau Casaus – played a key part in restoring the alter at the Mare de Déu del Carme church in Vic and the event was marked by many warm memories of the historic Club figure.

From Casaus to Cardoner

During the 1950s, legendary Club players such as Ramallets, César or Kubala would regularly take part in events surrounding the Festes de Sant Albert in the Carrer de Gurb barrio in Vic and Sr Casaus normally accompanied them. On one occasion, Sr Casaus noticed the poor statrte of the alter at the Church of Carme and intervened with the local authorities to restore it.

50 years later, his grandson Jordi Cardoner visited the church before the Gala Dinner and laid flowers at the alter, where the local vicar. PB president Josep Farré and local residents described his grandfather’s visits. Sr Cardoner then visited the new club house which was opened a few months ago, before sitting down to lunch with 150 club members.

Sr Cardoner spoke after the meal and stressed the importance of the club’s 40 years of existence, whilst also stressing: “this has been a very emotive event for me – full of memories of what my grandfather did here in Vic”.

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