L'aplaudiment en record a Tito Vilanova.

L'aplaudiment en record a Tito Vilanova / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

The Consell de Penyes put an end to this season with a meeting of their final plenary session on May 17. Club Vicepresident Jordi Cardoner welcomed members to the plenary and led a standing ovation for the late Tito Vilanova. Cardoner congratulated the members present for the good work they had done this year and encouraged them to look to the future and consolidate the projects undertaken.

“Socis fem Penya”

One of the major projects is “Socis fem Penya”, which aims to bring together Club members and the penyes, with the penyes acting as Club ambassadors when members visit their area. The project is being strengthened with a day of open doors at the penyes.

Positive balance

Pau Vilanova also spoke and began with a review of the most recent plenary, stressing the high numbers of followers on the FC Barcelona social networks and also praised the penyes actions in the campaign around the Nou Espai Barça. Vilanova also explained that the Club was set to be a pioneer with a new application about penyes for mobile phones.

After Vilanova’s intervention, the plenary proper began and there were reports from four commissions: Rules and Regulations, Marketing and Communication, Events and Camp Nou (tickets and trips).

Finally, the Consell President Antoni Guil explained some details about the World Penyes Congress, which will be held to coincide with the Joan Gamper Trophy.

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