Escut del FC Barcelona.

With the elections in the Balearics and Tarragona, the electoral process for the juntas of the territorial federations has been completed. The 30 Federations will now start the new season putting their projects into action to promote the penya brand and continue to work in line with the Penyes Segle XXI project.

Npow the electoral period is over, each of the 30 zones has a delegate and a junta which will serve the interest of the movement - a big step towards self-management.

You can download the official election results from each zone, signed by the secretary of the Junta Electoral Central on July 25th, here.

[[BOTOVERMELL::Official Election++Results::http://media4.fcbarcelona.com/media/asset_publics/resources/000/060/945/original/Certificat_acta_proclamaci_guanyadores_eleccionsANG.v1375107180.pdf::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

You can consult and download the makeup of each Federation’s junta here:

[[BOTOVERMELL::Territorial Federations++::http://penyes.fcbarcelona.com/organization/detail/card/fc-barcelona-supporters-clubs-territorial-federations::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

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