Meeting of the Consell de Penyes and the Club. PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA-FCB

On the day of the  Club’s Ordinary General Assembly, the Consell de Penyes and representatives of the Club held a plenary session involving the penya delegates and amongst others, Club  vice-president Jordi Cardoner, Head of the Social Commision, Pau Vilanova, and the Penyes Ombudsperson, Ramon Termens.

Cardoner welcomed the members of the Consell Consultiu and stressed the importance of the Assembly being held on Saturday, which for the first time brough theh Penyes and the Club together in the Club statutes, whilst also ensuring that the Federation presidents would be named as members’ representatives. The vice-president also restated the board’s objective to “bring the penyes closer to the members” by the end of their mandate in 2016.

Double session

The meeting reviewed the work done over the last three years and what lies ahead over the next three. This coming Saturday there will be another meeting t which various subjects will be dealt with, including the new penya members cards set to come into force this Autumn and a number of issues which have arisen from the new rules which might affect the penyes.

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