Jordi Cardoner en una imatge d'arxiu / FOTO: ARXIU - FCB

The eighth Trobada de Penyes de Lleida Sud i Franja was held this Sunday, together with the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Penya “La Societat”. Club Vice-President Jordi Cardoner and ex-player and member of the Associació Barça Jugadors, Pere Valentí welcomed everybody to the event, after which they were received in the Maials Town Hall by Lluís Pérez, the president of the PB “La Societat” and Pau Cabré, President of the Consell Comarcal del Segrià.

Tenth anniversary of the Penya Blaugrana “La Societat”

After the Town’s Honour Book had been signed in the office of the Mayor, the authorities travelled by tourist train to the club house of the PB “La Societat” , where a memorial plaque was unveiled before a buffet was served.

The Trobada was held at the Sports Hall, where all 36 Penyes attending were given a commemorative gift. Following lunch, the original 10 members of the PB “La Societat” were presented and photographed with the authorities..

Lluís Pérez, Pere Valentí and Jordi Cardoner then closed the event with a series of speeches and the Club Vice-President presented the president of the PB “La Societat” with a commemorative gift.

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