Jordi Cardoner i Pau Vilanova en la recepció a les penyes a l'Auditori 1899

On the day of an unusually early kick-off, the Barça v Granada match was preceded by vice-president Jordi Cardoner and Pau Vilanova, director in chief of the Social Commission, welcoming almost four hundred supporters club members from 17 clubs to the Auditori 1899.

More than 300 of these had travelled from Castilla-La Mancha, which was represented by 13 different clubs. They were joined by the Peña Barcelonista Don Pelayo de Cangas de Onís, from Asturias, the Penya Barcelonista Els Tamarells, from Mallorca, the Peña Barcelonista Nicolás Casaus de Las Palmas and the Penya Barcelonista de Xàtiva.

Five plaques on south goal

Five clubs unveiled their crests, all in the south goal area. First was the Penya Blaugranor du Nord de la France, at gate 36. The director the Supporters Clubs Commission, Daniel Casanovas did the honours along with Carles Mir, president of the club.

They were followed by another club from ‘North Catalonia’, the Catalan speaking region of France, the Penya Blaugrana Conflent. Daniel Casanovas, and the club’s president Jean-Marc Turcan pulled back the curtain.

Next up were two clubs from Castilla-La Manxa. The Peña Barcelonsita El Herrumblar was at gate 38. The director the Supporters Clubs Commission, Xavier Ilincheta, and the club president Antonio Jimenez were in charge of operations. Ilincheta also attended to the Peña Barcelonista Elche de la Sierra, at gate 40, along with Pablo Escobar, president of that club.

Finally, a Catalan club also inaugurated its crest on the stadium façade. The Penya Blaugrana Nicolau Casaus de Sant Andreu de la Barca was the club in question, with Ilincheta once again doing the duties, assisted by the president of the club, Maria José Montserrat.

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