group of 15 people holding the banner of the penya blaugrana d'amsterdam

members of the Penya Blaugrana d'Amsterdam

From the time of Michels, Cruyff, and Neeskens, the relationship between FC Barcelona and Ajax has been more than significant, so much so that there are an estimated two million Catalan fans in Holland. The country has three Supporters’ Clubs, peculiarly the one from Amsterdam being the youngest, as it was founded in 2011.

Intimate and Institutional activity just like at home

From the moment the draw was made for the group stages of the Champions League, the Penya La Maquina Blaugrana, the Fan Club Barcelona de Rosmalen, the Penya Barcelonista de Roosendaal and the Penya Blaugrana d'Amsterdam, went to work. Their goal was clear: to be ambassadors to Club members and Supporters Club members in the place where total football was born.

So Monday night, the Amsterdam Barcelona Supporters Club held a dinner at the Barcelona Tavern in Dutch city. Pau Vilanova, chief director of the Social Commission, attended the intimate and institutional event. Toni Freire, Delegate of the Board of World Supporters Clubs, also attended.

Traditional Barcelona Fans meeting

On Tuesday, there were also several events: at 15:30, Nieuwmarkt was the perfect setting, in the heart of the city, for a meeting that brought together a considerable group of travelling Club members and Supporters Club members. The three Dutch Supporters Clubs were represented, and Pau Vilanova attended on behalf of FC Barcelona. Later on, various activities were organised at B-Eat restaurant, which is right next to Amsterdam Arena.

Once again it has been demonstrated that the Supporters Clubs continue to bring FC Barcelona to the area.

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