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Tickets to the match R. Madrid - FC Barcelona, from March 11 at 10 am

Barça visit the Santiago Bernabéu for a game that will be vital in the outcome of one of the closest fought league campaigns of recent years.

Ticket application process

Penyes can apply for tickets for the game via a form on the Club website which will be available from Tuesday March 11 at 10.00am CET until Wednesday 12 March at 7 pm CET.

Since this is a match considered as A++ category, and due to the low availability, this process is for those supporters clubs that have been official for at least three years, as stated on the FC Barcelona Supporters Clubs Regulations.

We also remind that the Club will have 85 tickets, which must be distributed amongst the thirty zones. As always, should the number of applications be greater than tickets available, tickets will be distributed to each zone according to the coefficients and criteria established by the Comissió Camp Nou, Entrades i Desplaçaments. It will then be up to each federations’ president to come up with a proposal for distributing these tickets within their area.

[[BOTOVERMELL::Application Form++::http://taquilla.fcbarcelona.cat/eng/formmadridlliga2014penyes.php::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

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