group of people holding a poster

Paco Clos during the poster presentation

The Associació Duchenne Parent Project, the Federació de Penyes Barcelonistes de Barcelonès Est and the Penya Barcelonista Speed 58 have agreed to join forces for a good cause. Their first charity 7-a-side tournament will be played on June 29 in the ground at C/ Menorca 7-11, in the Sant Martí district of Barcelona.

There will be 16 participants teams, one of which will consist of famous people from the sports world who have lent their names to the cause.


Inscriptions are open until June 20 and can be made by emailing duchennebarcelona@gmail.com. Further information can also be obtained by clicking on the following link (enllaç).

A minority but devastating disease

Duchenne muscular dystrophy affects one out of every 3500 children born around the world, and more than 20,000 new cases are diagnosed every year. There are 500 children in Spain suffering from this disease which saps muscle strength.

The diseases is caused by hereditary mutation in the gene that produces dystrophin, without which muscles lose strength to the eventual extent that patients are entirely dependent on others for help.

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