Antoni Freixa, Javier Bordas and Josep M. Barnils during the reception with the Penya Barcelonista de Lisboa. Foto: PB de Lisboa

On occasion of the first away game in the Champions League, at Benfica, the Penya Barcelonista de Lisboa acted as an ambassador for FC Barcelona in Portugal. A pleasant encounter at the Snooker Club, its clubhouse, made for a delightful evening before the game in Europe’s premier club competition.

Major Catalan presence

Most of the almost sixty people attending the event were Catalans living in Lisbon. There were also several youngsters, showing that Barça is guaranteed healthy support in Portugal for many years to come.

Luis Carneido, president of the Penya Barcelonista de Lisboa, expressed his pleasure, saying how honoured he was to see FC Barcelona play in Lisbon. He also spoke about what an achievement it has been to establish this club in a country that has four teams of its own playing at the top level in Europe.

Internationalisation of the movement

Meanwhile, Josep M. Barnils, director of the Social Commission and in charge of supporters clubs abroad, highlighted how much of a priority it is for FC Barcelona to internationalise its fan base. There are now more than one hundred foreign supporters clubs. He also spoke about the huge numbers that this implies, and why this means it is so important for the club to look after its overseas supporters.

Freixa and Bordas support the club

Towards the end of the evening, the secretary and spokesman for the board, Antoni Freixa, and Javier Bordas, director of futsal, arrived at the party too. They all wished each other luck in the match, in which a win would suppose a huge step towards qualification for the second tound.

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