Silvio Elías at the Meeting of Euskadi Supporters Clubs. Photo: A. Closa

On occasion of the Liga encounter between Real Sociedad and Barça last Saturday at 18.00 in Anoeta, the Euskadi supporters gathered for their annual meeting. The venue was Zumarraga, in the province of Guipúscoa, and director Silvio Elías was there to represent FC Barcelona, joined by former player and current advisor to the board, Josep Maria Fuster.

Speeches in town hall and gala supper

The event commenced with a visit to the Zumarraga Town Hall, where the local mayor, Mikel Serrano, and Silvio Elías both gave speeches. There were 12 different Euskadi supporters clubs represented, forming a group of about one hundred who then made their way to enjoy supper in a local restaurant. Silvio Elías gave another speech, and there were also words from Josep Maria Fuster, the president of the Penya Blaugrana de Zumarraga, Julián Sánchez, and the delegate for Euskadi supporters clubs, Gorka Muñoz.

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