Crest unveiling of the PB La Rana

Crest unveiling of the PB de Gènova

Two penyes had special reasons to celebrate ahead of Barça’s big win over Bilbao, as the Peña Barcelonista La Rana, from Castilla and Leon and the Penya Barcelonista de Gènova both unveiled plaques at the stadium. The Spanish club were celebrating 18 years of existence and their plaque was unveiled on the Rampa Sud of the Camp Nou.

The penya president Roberto Hernández, and the Comissió de Penyes director Elvira Pou unveiled the plaque, accompanied by Nicolás Pérez, delegate to the Supporters’ Clubs Advisory Council for Castilla and Leon.

Immediately afterwards, the Penya Barcelonista de Gènova, which was formed a year ago, unveiled its plaque, with the penya president Massimo Lippi and the Comissió de Penyes director Xavier Ilincheta doing the honours.

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