Jaume Alcazo, president de la PB de Saragossa, amb Jordi Cardoner / FOTO: FCB

The Penya Barcelonista de Zaragoza celebrated a gala dinner to celebrate its 25 year anniversary at the Gran Hotel in the Aragonese capital. A total of 80 club members were present, together with Vice-president Jordi Cardoner and the director of the Social Area Pau Vilanova, representing the Club. In addition, Robert Fernández, who played for Barça between 1986 and 1990, was also present, representing the Agrupació Barça Jugadors, as was Xavi Aguado for Zaragoza.

“Being a Barça fan in hostile territory”

After the meal, Jordi Cardoner praised the commitment of the club members who started the penya 25 years ago, telling Barça TV and fcbarcelona.cat.: “we have to remember that being a Barça supporter 25 years ago in places like this - hostile territory – wasn’t an easy thing”.

Jaume Alcazo, honorary president

Sr. Cardoner also read the minutes of the club’s assembly, in which the penya named Jaume Alcazo, who has been the club’s president throughout its 25 years, as honorary president. On behalf of the Club and the penya, the vice-president handed Sr Alcazo a commemorative plaque to thank him for dedication.

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