Pau Vilanova with a delegation of Barça Fan Club Bucarest

It was a typically hot month of August in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Everything was as usual except that a very special match was due to be played on the 11th. Dynamo Bucharest versus FC Barcelona. The excitement generated by that match and the warm reception given to the players on their arrival, were the seeds of a new Barça supporters’ club.

Commitment to Club values

But it wasn’t just the playing skills of Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and Puyol that aroused the admiration of local fans. Two people with strong connections in Romanian society, Ionel Blanculescu, who will be the president, and Xavier Marco, as vice-president, had already started to work on setting up a new ‘embassy’ for FC Barcelona. This was the beginning of the Barça Fan Club Bucharest.

Now the supporters’ club is well on the way to incorporating the values inherent in our Club and communicating them to the people of Romania. With the understanding that FC Barcelona is not just a football team, the Barça Fan Club Bucharest will be a non-profit making organisation attracting fans from all over the country. They will form part of a social movement involved in charitable work in line with the Barça motto of “More than a Club”.

Presentation of the project

A delegation from the new supporters’ club, led by Ionel Blanculescu, visited Barcelona on 5th December to present their project. Pau Vilanova, Board member in charge of the Social Commission, was happy with the work being done and believes the new club will become a force to reckon with in the international supporters’ club arena. The final touches are currently being put to the organisational framework.

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