Beto Borregán aixeca el títol de Lliga / FOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

At 18.00 on May 5th - before the game against Sather Blanes . Beto Borregan’s number 21 shirt will be hoisted up into the rafters at the Palau as a tribute to the ex-captain, who played for the team for 18 seasons and won 58 titles.

It’s an event that wouldn’t be the same without the penyes and the Club is offering free tickets to all those clubs who want to join in the tribute to one of the most charismatic players to feature at the Palau,

All you have to do is send your request to penyes@fcbarcelona.cat before May 1st , including your penya’s name and number and the number of tickets you require.

European League tickets too

Barça will also be facing Liceo in the last 16 of the European League at the Palau on May 11th at noon and the penyes can also apply for free tickets to that game, so as to get behind Ricard Muñoz’s side as they bid for their 20th European League title.

Please send your requests for these tickets before May 8th to the above mentioned email address.

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