Supporters clubs show caring side

This Christmas the supporters club movement will once again be revealing its most charitable side. Since late November there have been a number of raffles, events, campuses and other charity activities.

Supporters clubs are very much part of FC Barcelona, and the  club is once again proud to observe the number of charity events being organised by the movement. Such active strength is as huge benefit for promoting the values that the Club stands by, and help show why Barça is so importing not only as a sporting, but also as a charitable institution.

Dozens of clubs from all around have been organising celebrations and activities for the benefit of those less favoured than themselves. The same has been happening abroad, where clubs have been doing their best to ensure that there is a smile on everybody’s face this Christmas. As ever, FCB itself has also collaborated in ensuring the success of each and every one of them.

Majority in mid December

It was on December 15 and 16 that most of the charity events took place. In Catalonia, many of these were organised in association with the Marató fund-raising spectacular on TV3, which collected more than 10 million euros for cancer research.

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