Spartak - Barça, tickets on October 29 and 30

The last away trip of the Champions League group stage could be vital for ensuring FC Barcelona go through to the next round. They are facing Spartak Moscow, who already showed how dangerous they can be at the Camp Nou.

Application form

From Monday October 29 at 10.00 until Tuesday 30 at 19.00, all supporters clubs can apply for tickets for this match by sending an application form that is available on the website. A maximum of 30 tickets can be requested, with no direct guarantee of allocation. Each ticket is €18

From October 31, the Club will announce to the applicant supporters clubs the final ticket allocation via email.


Once the process is complete, and if there are more applications than tickets available, in accordance with the criteria established by the permanent commission on ticketing, and the approved coefficients, each zone will be allocated a certain number of tickets. From there, it shall be up to the delegates on the Advisory Council to decide how tickets are to be distributed in their respective zones.

[[BOTOVERMELL::Apply++For Tickets::https://taquilla.fcbarcelona.cat/eng/formspartak2012penyes.php::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

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