Participants in the tournament organized by the PB de Sant Cugat

Tribute to the 96 of Hillsborough

Sant Cugat del Vallès hosted a special seniors tournament on Saturday February 9th, with the local penya inviting five more supporters clubs from big European teams.

The Barcelona Reds (a Liverpool FC supporters club), Barcelona Toffees (Everton), Manchester City Spain and the Penya Catalana Manchester United 1839 were joined by the Penya Bilbo Ondokoak, representing Atletic Bilbao and the Spanish League.

Premier League final

The Manchester United supporters club ran out winners, beating the Toffees 8-1 in the final of a very successful and well organised tournament.

The matches were really competitive throughout, but the Director of the Sports Commission Josep Castellà, who attended on behalf of the Club, also stressed the spirit of fair play which was present, despite the rivalries.

Hillsborough 96

The most emotional moment was the tribute by the Toffees and the Reds to the 96 of Hillsborough, who lost their lives in April 1989. Despite their rivalry, the two clubs put aside their differences to pay homage to the victims of the tragedy – a fitting demonstration of fair play and healthy competition and a call to ensure that no such incident occurs again.

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