Speaking at the XXXIII Congrés Mundial de Penyes, Sandro Rosell stressed the importance of the supporters clubs, which boast 1488 penyes around the world: “you are ambassadors for the Club, a fundamental pillar and we need you all”, he told the representatives at the congress, praising the more than 700 events organised over the last year.

New technologies are key

The Club President, who reminded the representatives that there will be a penyes membership card in July 2013, also believes that the relationship between the Club and the penyes can improve and will do so: “until now, the Club and the penyes have followed parallel paths – now is the time for us to come together and the new technologies are the way that can happen - they allow us to have a much closer communication between us all”.

Guardiola, Villa and Abidal

Rosell also repeated his thanks to Josep Guardiola for his excellent four seasons in charge of the first team, whilst referring to the returning David Villa as” our third signing of the season”. The President had words of encouragement for Eric Abidal and stressed his support for Tito Vilanova: “I reckon we have a team who are hungry to win and Tito is very confident in his own abilities”.

Rosell gave a broad overview of the Club’s situation as a whole and made specific references to the record profits made, the sporting success achieved by the sections and the importance of the new social centre currently being built.

Deeds not words

President Sandro Rosell also made it clear that FC Barcelona will continue to apply the idea of deeds not words: “we continue to defend the Club with deeds and not populist discourses. When we have been attacked, we have gone to the courts and the authorities in order to make changes. I know some people like the big speeches, but we have a different style”.

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