PSG-FCB Quarts de Final de la Lliga de Campions

PSG and Barça will meet on April 2nd in the first leg of the Champions League quarter final game in Paris. The Club has 391 tickets available for the penyes for this game.

Application via form on website

Penyes have from Wednesday March 20th at 10.00 until Thursday 21st at 19.00 to apply for tickets for the game via the form to be found on the website. Penyes can apply for a maximum of 2 tickets, which are priced at €60 each.

The Club will inform the penyes who have applied for tickets via email from March 22nd, concerning their distribution and how to pay for and collect them.


[[BOTOVERMELL::Apply For Tickets++::https://taquilla.fcbarcelona.cat/eng/formquarts2013penyes.php::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]


Once the process is over and if the number of applications exceeds the number of tickets available, each zone will be assigned a number of tickets based on the criteria and coefficients established by the permanent commission on tickets. The Consell Consultiu de Penyes will then make a proposal for the distribution of tickets in each zone.

Return game at the Camp Nou

The return game will be played at the Camp Nou on April 10th and will be key in deciding who goes through to the last four of the competition. Penyes can apply for tickets for the game via email at reserva.penyes@fcbarcelona.cat, before April 2nd.

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