Consell Consultiu de Penyes / FOTO: FCB

The first weekend in May was an intense one for the movement, with the last session of the Supporters Clubs Advisory Council before the summer break. The day started with morning meetings of each of the thematic commissions (tickets and away trips, events and activities, regulations and marketing and supporters club membership card). The new cards will be issued as soon as the process to regularise the membership lists has been completed.

The plenary meeting was held in the afternoon, where the main topic was the elections to the supporters club federations. The movement will be divided into 30 zones from now on, and rather than one representative, they will each have their own board. There were also discussions of the election procedure, the schedule for implementation in late June, and the Spanish Supporters Clubs Association (AFEPE), whereby the work and representation of FCB supporters clubs will be associated to that of the national body.

Cardoner pleased

The event ended with everyone going for supper at Hotel Princesa Sofia. The Club was represented by Jordi Cardoner, vice president of the Social Area; Pau Vilanova, director in chief of the Social Commission, and Josep M. Barnils, director of the Social Commission and foreign supporters clubs. Also in attendance were Elvira Pou, Xavier Ilincheta and Jordi Durà, as members of the Supporters Clubs Commission, Manel Vic the stadium announcer in the Camp Nou, and former player Julio Alberto.

Cardoner was very impressed with the way the day had gone, and commented that “this is not the end, this is just the beginning of the next stage. These developments are observing the principles of the self-management of the supporters clubs movement … The Club is giving its supporters clubs the appreciation that they deserve”.

Finally, Manel Vic called out the names of the delegates to each of the zone and presented them all with a gift.

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