Jordi Cardoner ha descobert la placa de la nova seu de la PB Planers /FOTO: FCB

Santa Bàrbara (Tarragona), celebrated last Sunday the 25th anniversary of the Penya Barcelonista Planers, which coincided with the XV Trobada Comarcal de Penyes Barcelonistes del Montsià, Baix Ebre i Baix Maestrat. Some 180 people attended, including the vice president of the Social Area of FC Barcelona, Jordi Cardoner i Casaus, who expressed his content at the strong support base that the club enjoys in every corner of Catalonia.

Reception and parade

At 12.00, Cardoner was welcomed to Santa Bàrbara town hall by Jordi Boronat, the local mayor; Santiago Pla, President of the PB Planers; and Ramon Fibla, delegate of the Advisory Council in Terres de l’Ebre. The vice president of the Social Area made a point of signing the town’s Book of Honour.

Also in attendance were representatives of the 25 supporters clubs in the region, who went on a flag parade from the town hall to the new clubhouse of the PB Planers, which was officially declared open when Jordi Cardoner unveiled a plaque.

Ties and speeches

The XV Trobada de Penyes Barcelonistes del Montsià, Baix Ebre i Baix Maestrat officially opened at 13.00 on the Santa Bàrbara football pitch, where each club offered its tie and speeches were made by Santiago Pla, Ramon Fibla, Jordi Boronat and Jordi Cardoner. The vice president of the Social Area said he was impressed that so many clubs were formed a quarter of a century ago, a time when the club was struggling in many ways. Cardoner also thanked so many people for coming. After the speeches, the guests enjoyed a typical dance from the region called the Ball del Punxonet.

The entourage left the football ground and went for a commemorative meal of the 25th anniversary of the PB Planers, where the festivities and pleasantries continued well into the evening.

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