Murcia Meeting Poster Presentation

Maresme Meeting Poster Presentation

Balearics Meeting Poster Presentation

On Saturday September 22, in the build up to the game between Barça and Granada, the Meeting Room was the venue for the presentation of the Supporters Club Meetings to be held shortly. For all three cases, the director in chief of the Social Commission, Pau Vilanova, and former FC Barcelona player Julio Alberto Moreno, welcomed the representatives of the implicate clubs.

The first poster was that of the Supporters Clubs Meeting in Murcia, being held this year by the Peña Barcelonista de Santomera. The group was led by the president of the club organising the event, Francisco Javier García. The dates will be October 13 and 14.

Then it was the turn of the Balearic Islanders. Their meeting will coincide with FC Barcelona’s game with Mallorca, and is being run by the Penya Barcelonista “Els Tamarells”, which is also celebrating its tenth anniversary. Travelling to Barcelona to present details of their meeting were, among others, the president of the host club, Sebastià Oliver, and the delegate to the Advisory Committee in the Balearic Islands, Pere Jordà.

The final meeting to be presented prior to the match with Granada was that of El Maresme. It’s going into its eighth edition this season, and will once again be bringing together the different clubs in the Catalan coastal region. The Trobada de Penyes Barcelonistes del Maresme will be hosted by the Penya Barcelonista Canet de Mar, which is also celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The poster presentation was attended by the president of the host club, Miguel Edo, and the delegate to the Advisory Committee in El Maresme. Manel Flores.

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