New Infopenyes

With the new year, the Supporters Clubs Department has launched an instrument for improving care of and communication with its member clubs. This is not just a change of image, for the system has also been made more versatile to make it easier for information to reach its audience.

The FCButlletí is now called Infopenyes, a newsletter that shall start out on a monthly basis, depending on the movement’s needs. At the start of each month, your club’s contact mail will receive the most important news of the previous few weeks, thus ensuring that supporters clubs are up to date with all the latest developments involving the movement.

Supporters clubs agenda

This means that the agenda of activities on the website will be published monthly, covering all of the important events of the current month. However, it will still be updated every Monday to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible.

Special editions

Whenever required, there will also be extraordinary editions of the Infopenyes containing information about events, activities and news that has to reach users as quickly as possible. This might be the case, for example, with ticketing methods for certain matches, or the establishment of time limits for specific actions. When this happens, supporters clubs will be informed as soon as possible.

Months of work

These changes have come about as the result of several months of work by the communication and new technologies commission, as well as the Social and Supporters Clubs Commission and the Advisory Council. The hope is for this new year to be an even more advantageous year than ever for the movement thanks to the introduction of the new Infopenyes system.

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