For the last year, the Club has been developing an ambitious new tool to allow supporters clubs to carry out a whole range of administrative procedures on-line. Coinciding with the last World Congress, the new tool has now been launched.

The on-line tool makes the procedures much simpler and quicker and covers a range of tasks such as updating contact details or sending details of events to the Club.

You can also confirm the members of your Board of Directors, though any changes in the Junta have to be done in the traditional way, as official documentation is needed.

Realistic snapshot of the movement

It is also possible to introduce information concerning all penya members, which will help us to build up a realistic picture of the size of the penyes movement. This will be the first and necessary step for the Club to begin to produce Penya membership cards, which will entitle members to a range of exclusive privileges.

In order to facilitate this process, particularly in these early stages, the Club have created an Excel sheet, which you may fill in and send to penyes@fcbarcelona.cat, so that we enter any large numbers of members for you.

Fields marked in blue (name and surname, ID, gender and date of birth) are compulsory. If you do not have all this data available for all members, you should send information on those members you do, as over the next few months we will be continuing to enter members’ details.

[[BOTOVERMELL::Download file++::http://media4.fcbarcelona.com/media/asset_publics/resources/000/029/013/original/SupportersRegister.v1348131488.xls::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]

Work, transparency, self management

During the XXXII World Congress in August 2011, members democratically approved this project, charging the Committee of the Penya Identity and its Members with the task of carrying it out. This committee’s proposals were approved in the plenary meeting of the Advisory Council last July.

The census of penya members is a key part of the Projecte Penyes Segle XXI. With a realistic picture of the strength of the movement, clubs can launch new projects and embark on activities to strengthen the Penya brand such as changing the territorial organisation or working with the Club’s sponsors.

This will undoubtedly be a historic step for the movement, aided by the firm commitment of the penyes.

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