The Supporters Clubs event in Tangier / PHOTO: Miguel Ruiz - FCB

The Supporters Clubs event in Tangier / PHOTO: Miguel Ruiz - FCB

The Moroccan Supporters Clubs gave FC Barcelona a warm welcome in Tangier. Inas Alami, daughter of the president of the Tangier Supporters Club, welcomed the Barça directors and thanked the team for travelling to Morocco to face Raja Club Athletic.

After the event, the vice-president of the Social Area, Jordi Carndoner, told the press that he was very pleased with warm welcome by the Moroccan supporters. “I see passion for the [team] colours on their faces and that’s not easy living abroad. Thank you for making us complicit in the Club's greatness,” said the vice-president.

The Supporters Clubs movement, key to the Club’s growth

Cardoner highlighted the vital social role that Supporters Clubs play within the Club's culture: “without you Barcelona wouldn’t be sustainable. It’s easy to be a Barça supporter now because we win, but it wasn’t so easy in the past, this dedication is valuable. We are the greatest Club in the world.”

Before 50 Supporters Clubs members, the Club gave banners signed by the players to the three present Moroccan Supporters Clubs (PB Tetuan, PB Tangier and Mazagan).

The sports vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu was in attendance and was joined by Club treasurer, Susana Monje; Social Commission director Pau Vilanova; Social Commission and Foreign Supporters Clubs board member, Josep Maria Barnils; and president of PB Tangier, Hasan Chelman.

Respectful of Moroccan beliefs and customs

Lastly, Cardoner thanked the leaders of the Supporters Clubs for their effort to welcome the Club’s board members: “thank you for making this meeting possible and thank you to those that couldn’t make it, the Club respects your customs and we know that it was difficult to attend during Ramadan. Viva Tangier, Visca Barça!” concluded the vice-president.

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