Meeting of the Supporters' Clubs Advisory Council /PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS

The FC Barcelona penyes put an end to the season at the Camp Nou this Friday and Saturday and Jordi Cardoner i Casaus, vice-president of the Club’s Area Social claimed:“we are very happy about the participation of those who help make Barça what it is”.

Meeting and dinner with Cardoner

On Friday , after the meeting of the Comissions Social and Penyes, the clubs held their now traditional end of season celebratory dinner at the Camp Nou and the star of the show was Jordi Cardoner, who celebrated his 50th birthday and half a century as a Club member too. The Departament de Penyes and the whole penyes movement presented him with a 50th birthday cake and a new first team shirt with the number 50 on the back.

Cardoner thanked all the people at the meal for their support at what he called “unique surroundings” and expressed his satisfaction with the way the penyes represent the Club: “thank you, not just for what you do and who you are, but also for what you represent. The Club is trying to understand the penyes movement better and give you everything you need to continue to be tour ambassadors in the wider world”.

Plenary meeting of the Consell Consultiu

At 10.00 this Saturday morning, the Plenary meeting of the Consell Consultiu was held in the Sala París in the presence of virtually all the delegates. Jordi Cardoner welcomed the clubs’ representatives and gave an overview of the economic and social activity of the past year. The head of the Comissió Social, Pau Vilanova, also intervened, giving details of the activities scheduled for the next few months, whilst the penyes ombudsman Ramon Térmens stressed the willingness of all the clubs to implement the Peyes Segle XXI Project and the Comissió Social Director responsible for clubs abroad, Josep Maria Barnils, explained the movement’s expansion internationally .

During the meeting, the contents of the Ponència Marc were discussed and this will reach the penyes for any possible amendments before being debated during the Congrés de Penyes on August 19th and put to the voyte the following day, to coincide with the Joan Gàmper Trophy.

Successful season

Jordi Cardoner also drew attention to the Club’s sporting success this season: “it was really positive – we won 17 titles” and also praised the “exemplary” behaviour of the fans over the campaign.

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