Entrega de premis del I Torneig de Botifarra / FOTO: Àlex Caparrós - FCB

The Ice Rink was the venue for the final event of day one of the World Congress of Supporters clubs. The dinner was also used to present trophies to the winners of the I Botifarra Tournament. It was “like the closure of the competition and the opening of the World Congress of Supporters clubs”, said Jordi Cardoner, vice president of the FC Barcelona Social Area. “It is the start of three days of frantic Barça activity.”

Major success

Josep Maria Barnils, director of the Social Commission and head of foreign supporters clubs, was also at the event and was delighted to see so many people entering the I Botifarra Tournament, a card competition using the rules of a traditional Catalan game.

Vicenç Mesalles and Ramon Roca, of the PB Martorell, won the competition held in Sala París at the Camp Nou. But all fifty pairs were offered prizes in the form of tickets for the 47th Joan Gamper Trophy and diplomas signed by the Club.

Prize giving supper

During the supper, which also involved a show by magician Ramon Castells, the winners were presented with their awards. The champions took away two shirts signed by Carles Puyol, and the teams finishing second and third got signed footballs. The two top pairs also won tickets for the Camp Nou.

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