Pau Vilanova and Josep M. Barnils at the supporters' meal

A Barça – Madrid match is not played on the pitch only. There are several activities surrounding this worldwide known football event. The traditional meal between fans is one of them, with attendance of some of AFEPE’s delegates. The setting could not be better, on the seaside, at the Reial Club Marítim de Barcelona restaurant.

The chief director of the Social Commission Pau Vilanova and Josep M. Barnils, director of the Social Commission and responsible for the supporters clubs established abroad, represented the Club during this lunch. Former player Julio Alberto Moreno did not want to miss this event. On this event the healthy rivalry was shown at all times, as usual. José Luis Sánchez, chief executive of the Social Area, was Real Madrid’s leading representative.

The supporters’ clubs, an example of fair play

Besides both clubs’ representatives, several Barça and Madrid supporters’ clubs representatives attended the meal. Alejandro Lora, President of the R. Madrid Supporters’ Clubs Federation in Madrid and Madrid delegate and spokesperson of the Advisory Council Edmundo Bazo and Antoni Guil, represented the supporters.

At all moments, predictions have starred the afternoon among the attendees, which is another traditional activity when this kind of matches take place.

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