Congress of French speaking supporters clubs

The town of Saint Juery (Tarn, France) was the venue last Friday for the Congress of French Speaking Supporters Clubs. The event was used to debate different matters of relevance to the supporters movement in general: the census of supporters club members (which ends on July 30), the supporters club membership card and the new territorial organisation. The delegates met for two hours, once they had been welcomed by Jacques Lasserre, the mayor of Saint Juery.

Nine clubs were represented in the French town: Penya Blaugrana de Paris, FC Barcelona Clan, Penya de Touraine, FC Blaugrana Plus que Des Supporters, Penya Barceloniste de Tarbes, Penya Barça de Banyuls de la Marenda, Penya Barcelonista de Perpinyà, Penya Martigny-Valais Romand (Switzerland) and Penya Barcelonista Gabriel López Solà de Saint-Juery.

Josep M. Barnils, director of the Social Commission and head of international clubs, Françoise Arsene, director of the Supporters Clubs Commission, Antonio Freire, delegate to the Advisory Council in the World Zone and Francesc Vicens Esteve, delegate to the Advisory Council for North Catalonia and Andorra, all attended, along with Jean-Paul Raynaud, councillor of Tarn, Raphael Carrus, president of the Tarn football federation, Jean-François Perez, president of Albi FC and Michel Zamora, FC Barcelona’s observer in the Midi-Pyrénées region.

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