Jordi Cardoner, vicepresident de l'Àrea Social del FC Barcelona / FOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

The vice president of the FC Barcelona Social Area, Jordi Cardoner, has spoken to the supporters club members present this morning at the 33rd World Congress of Barcelona Supporters Clubs, and congratulated them on the good work they have done this year, and especially on the consensus that has been confirmed on the second and final day.

Good proof of that is how the keynote address was accepted with 206 votes for and 0 against, with 5 abstentions, thus providing the go-ahead for all of the points that had been presented, worked on and debated during Sunday’s work session. “The methodology we have used in decision making this year by means of mixed commissions and the delegates to the Advisory Council has been fruitful. We have shown that Barça is united and that the supporters club movement is as well, which is a pride and honour for me”. He added that this Congress “is a democratic exercise, it’s healthy, hygienic and transparent … FC Barcelona is the best club in the world and one of the reasons for that is that it has the best supporters movement. We are unbeatable and unquestionable”.

Presentation of new head offices

It was also a day for showing the supporters clubs the new head offices, located in Palau Blaugrana 2 and set to be inaugurated towards the end of the year. Cardoner was in charge of the job and told them how the new centre will serve for use by all of the OAB, OAP and OAE, as well as the new Sala París and other facilities. “This will be your space, as it is dedicated to members and supporters clubs. It will be the meeting point from where you will be able to enjoy our club”.

725 events this season

Pau Vilanova, director in chief of the FC Barcelona Social Commission, presented a review of the Supporters Clubs Area over the last season. The most important points he highlighted included the more than 725 events that have been held over the last 12 months, 367 of which were officially attended by the club.

Meanwhile, José Maria Barnils, director of the Social Commission in the International Area, pointed out that 35 new supporters clubs have been registered and that there are now 1,488 supporters clubs around the world. Also, FC Barcelona is the Liga club with the most supporters clubs outside of Spain. Josep Térmens, the ombudsman for supporters clubs, presented his own report, and the session ended with a speech by the spokesman for the Advisory Council, Antoni Guil.

Gift for fifty-year-old supporters clubs

FC Barcelona, through President Sandro Rosell and vice president Jordi Cardoner, presented televisions kindly donated by SHARP to the supporters clubs from Sogorb and Mataró in recognition of their 50th anniversaries during the 2011/12 season.

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