Maresme Barça Supporters' Clubs Meeting in Canet de Mar

On Sunday, Canet de Mar was in a festive mood for October. The Penya Barcelonista de Canet de Mar hosted the Meeting of Maresme Supporters Clubs, the twentieth edition of the event. Pilar Guinovart, director of the Social Area attended in representation of FC Barcelona.

Parade and reception in town hall

It all started with the different guests gathering at the host clubhouse. The flags were based by the Misericord, the patron of Maresme and were than paraded through the streets of Canet to the town hall.

Jesús Marín, mayor of Canet de Mar, welcomed Pilar Guinovart. The meeting room was packed, and the entourage was also joined by Manel Flores, delegate to the Advisory Council in the Maresme region.

Guinovart signed the book of honours, and each of the clubs attending were presented with a souvenir of the event by the president of the host entity Miquel Edo.

Celebration dinner

The Vil·la Flora restaurant was the venue for the gala dinner, attended by some two hundred people in a friendly and festive ambience that made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

During the dinner, there was much talk of the how the Maresme was the first region to group supporters clubs together in this way, and has played a central role in the Penyes Segle XXI prokect and the organisation of coaches to take people to the Camp Nou.

Pilar Guinovart also highlighted the charity work that is done by FC Barcelona. She stressed the importance of the Specialised Services office and the T’Acompanyem project to help members with reduced mobility.

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