Pau Vilanova at the V Night of the APBO. Photo: A. Pérez

Castellers display on the V Night of the APBO. Photo: A. Pérez

Pau Vilanova, Esteller and Galilea with the delegates of the Supporters Clubs Advisory Council. Photo: A. Pérez

Like previous years, the traditional Night of the Agrupació de Penyes de Barcelona Oriental took place by the end of November. The Can Cortada restaurant was the setting for a big Barça night, attended by most of the supporters’ clubs belonging to the society.

Discussion and “castellers” display

The evening started with a discussion to start up the engines, during which several issues regarding the blaugrana world were dealt. Some journalists of the sports press lead the discussion, highlighting the Barcelona social issues being alive.

Before dinner, the Castellers de Barcelona, also as Penya Blaugrana Castellers, built a pilar with the blaugrana flag. That moment was the official inauguration of the V Night of the Agrupació de Penyes, which was also attended by several delegates of the Supporters’ Clubs Advisory Council.

Galilea and Esteller, guest stars

Without a doubt, some of the most acclaimed of that night were Roger Esteller and José Luis Galilea. The two charismatic basketball former players stayed with the penyistes, who do not forget many years at the Club’s service, and the titles won.

Celebration dinner

Chief director of the Social Commission Pau Vilanova attended all the events. Dinner was a complete success with over 100 guests. Once more, it was proved the penyes movement is alive, also in Barcelona city.

The APBO with ladies football

Women became the stars of this celebration. The Agrupació handed a commemorative plaque to Ana María Escribano, captain of the Superliga champions. Supporters clubs are aware that FC Barcelona does not only compete at Camp Nou, and fiercely support all teams and sections.

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