Bayern Munich - Barça a les semifinals de la Champions

For the sixth season running, Barça are in the Champions League semi finals. It is Bayern Munich that stand between them and a place at Wembley, a wonderful venue that brings back so many fine memories to FCB supporters.

First leg Bayern Munich v FCB

The Club has a total of 557 tickets for supporters clubs. Tickets for the first leg in Munich (23rd of April) can be requested from April 15 at 10.00 to April 16 at 19.00 by filling in the form available on the members’ website.

From April 17, the club will be announcing to all applicants the final allocation via email, and at the same time will explain the payment and collection procedure.


[[BOTOVERMELL::Apply For Tickets++::http://taquilla.fcbarcelona.cat/eng/formsemis2013penyes.php::HOR::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]



Once the process is over, and if there are more applications than tickets available, and in accordance with the criteria established by the permanent commission and the accepted coefficients, each zone will be assigned a certain number of tickets. From there, the Supporters Clubs Advisory Council delegates will make a proposal for allocation in each of their respective zones.

Return at the Camp Nou

The second leg will be played on May 1 and will decide who finally gets to go to London. Supporters clubs can send their ticket applications to reserva.penyes@fcbarcelona.cat before April 23.

Your application must state:

- supporters club name and credential number
- contact name and phone number
- bank card details (number and expiration date)

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