Sunday Congress: first work day

Supporters clubs are invited at 8.30 on Sunday August 19 to start collecting their passes. From 10.00, Jordi Cardoner i Casaus, Vice President of FC Barcelona, will be welcoming the guests. Around 11.30, each of the four representatives of each club will be able to divide off into each of the three commissions that shall subsequently be constituted to debate the core issues affecting the movement.

Three commissions to change the future

The Sala Auditori will be venue for the Commission on Territorial Organisation as main core. The new structure considers and recognises supporters federations and groups as territorial representatives of the clubs.

Sala F, will deal with the Identity of Supporters Clubs and their Members as main issue, which will be evaluating a new protocol and process for measuring the actual range of the movement.

Finally, Sala J hosts the International commission, to analyse the state of the movement on a global scale and also lay the bases for new functional organisation.

Monday congress, voting day and institutional addresses

The session on August 20 will start with the presentations of the verdicts of the Commissions and voting on the Keynote Address, chaired by Antoni Guil, Spokesman for the Supporters Clubs Advisory Council. Once the clubs have decided what they want to do about their immediate future, the Congress moves onto its most institutional section.

Welcome by president, and visit by first team

After the break, the institutional section begins with a welcome by president Sandro Rosell. It is also hoped that some members of the first squad will put in an appearance. Then vice president Jordi Cardoner i Casaus will review the Social Area.

Vice president Carles Vilarrubí will present the agreement that FC Barcelona has signed with the Institut Ramón Llull to foster knowledge, culture and the Catalan language, in accordance with the Club’s principles, and which should prove beneficial to the supporters clubs. Ramon Pont, the director responsible for the Foundation, will review the attainments in that area and the synergies required to continue fostering the right relations between the institution and the supporters clubs.

The presentations will continue with Pau Vilanova, director in chief of the Social Commission, who will be looking at the Supporters Clubs Area over the last season. Meanwhile, Josep M. Barnils, director of the international area of the Social Commission, will be reviewing the movement on a global scale.

After that, Ramón Térmens, the Supporters Clubs ombudsman, will be presenting his report. The section will close with a speech by the spokesman for the Supporters Clubs Advisory Council, Antoni Guil, and the presentation of a television donated by Sharp to each of the clubs that have just celebrated their fiftieth anniversaries.

Voice of the supporters

Once the speeches are over, there shall be an open floor for requests and questions. Here, one representative of each club will have the chance to speak about any doubts or queries that they might have in relation to the movement as a whole.

President Sandro Rosell will then close the event, and everybody will move on to the traditional gala supper of the World Congress of FCB Supporters Clubs.

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