Jordi Cardoner, in 60th Anniversary of PSB Castellar del Vallès /PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

The Penya Solera Barcelonista Castellar del Vallès, the oldest existing club on FC Barcelona records, was founded in 1952. This Sunday it celebrated its 60th anniversary in Castellar del Vallès, attended by the vice president of the Social Area of FC Barcelona, Jordi Cardoner i Casaus; director in chief of the social commission, Pau Vilanova; and former FC Barcelona player, Joan Torrent. It was all part of the XXIII Trobada Comarcal de Penyes Barcelonistes del Vallès Occidental i Oriental, which brought together 19 clubs from the zone.

Signature of book on honour

At 12.00, Cardoner was welcomed to Castellar del Vallès town hall by the local mayor Ignasi Giménez; Antoni Guil, the delegate to the Avisory Council in the region of Vallès Oriental; Joan Giménez, the delegate for Vallès Occidental; and Antoni Falcó, president of PSB Castellar del Vallès. The Barça vice president signed the Book of Honour while he was there.

After that, there were speeches in the town hall gardens. Jordi Cardoner congratulated PSB Castellar del Vallès saying that clubs like these “not only help make FC Barcelona great but also help build the country and represent what it means to be a Catalan and a Barça fan”. This was followed by traditional Catalan dances. The events were also attended by the Barça grandfather, Joan Casals.

Commemorative dinner

The FC Barcelona entourage was then driven to the headquarters of Penya Barcelonista Castellar del Vallès. Its president, Antoni Falcó, spoke about what a pleasure it was to have their own clubhouse, and how Nicolaus Casaus and Joan Gaspar had come to their golden anniversary celebrations.

After that short visit, the next stop was a dinner in honour of the XXIII Trobada Comarcal de Penyes Barcelonistes del Vallès Occidental i Oriental, where each of the 19 clubs, represented by a total of some 120 guests, was presented with a plaque, and enjoyed a happy, festive evening.

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