Cardoner, en el moment de l'entrega del lingot

The Penya Barcelonista d’Olesa has just celebrated its 50th anniversary and did so in style with a programme of activities attended by representatives from the Club, headed by Vice President Jordi Cardoner.

50 years of support

The celebrations were held at the Municipal sports hall and as well as Sr Cardoner, ex-player and member of the Associació Barça Jugadors del FC Barcelona, Paco Clos, Pau Vilanova Vila-Abadal, Head of the Club’s Comissió Social, Antoni Pérez, the president of the PB d'Olesa and the delegate to the Consell Consultiu de Penyes del Baix Llobregat, Vicens Notari were also in attendance to represent the Club.

Sport and integration

The events began with a children’s seven-a-side tournament with teams from PB Barcino, PB d’Olesa and Barça’s Alevi D side. There then followed a visit to a local home for the mentally handicapped run by the charity Associació Pro Disminuïts Santa Oliva, which aims to help integrate this collective into society. On the arrival of the PB representatives a rousing version of the Barça hymn was sung.

The visit was followed by a gala lunch attended by 140 people at the club house of the local UEC (Unió Excursionista de Catalunya),

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